Academy for Little Learners

Kid Quotes

When asked what they liked about The Academy…

“Just like to play with my friends” Dane – 2 yrs. old

“Go on a school bus” Connor – 2 yrs. old

“The playground”-Grace

“Playing in centers”-Graham

“Playing outside on the playground”-Izzy

“Playing haircut in Dramatic Play”-Caleb

“Building towers in the block center”-Vance

“Painting in the art center”-Kaleigh

“Building with Lego’s”-Chloe

“Playing library”-Taylor


“I like being the calendar helper”-James

“Singing apples and bananas”-Max

“I like the teachers!”-Kaleigh

“I like the teachers too!”-Chloe

“Playing with my friends”-Elliot

“Playing Dramatic Play area and coloring”-Djuna

“Playing outside in the sprinkler, it’s just so fun. Oh and Dramatic Play”-Brianne

“Playing in Dramatic Play with my friends”-Stella

“The big playground and the little one”-Simon

“Playing in the sandbox and Mr. Dave”-Luci

“Looking for bugs”-Camryn

“Play in Dramatic Play center. I like the computers.”-Sharva

“Outside, I love playing outside.”-Kaden

“Free choice!!! I love playing in Dramatic Play and doing art.”-Zoe

“Art! I really like Dramatic Play”-Skyler