Academy for Little Learners


Academy Curriculum

Our curriculum is based upon the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards and the kindergarten admittance standards of several area school districts. Our classroom goals were developed to create a flow of learning from one classroom to the next so that skills acquired will facilitate progressive growth into the public school system.

Within our curriculum teachers create weekly lesson plans that incorporate the skills needed to progress to the next classroom. Children will gain experiences with math, pre-reading skills, science, gross motor, small motor, computers, language, art, and sensory stimulation. We also promote creative expression, responsibility, safety, independence, decision making and social interaction.

Based upon client needs, we also offer 4 year kindergarten through the Middleton School District.

We also offer a variety of weekly specials to enhance your child’s learning experience, including music and fun fit. We also provide transportation to swimming lessons at Swim West.

** Please note: our music program and our swim partnership with SwimWest is temporarily paused due to Covid-19. SwimWest is open and operational. Please visit their website for further information.

Every child is unique; therefore, each child is encouraged to develop at their own pace. We recognize that a child may excel in some areas, need to be challenged in others, or be given additional opportunities to grow in still others. Children are provided all activities in a center format which allows them to proceed through areas on a daily or weekly basis at their own pace.

Free play time is provided every day as this encourages creative thinking, social interaction, independence, and responsibility for personal choices.

Our teachers present activities that have a respect for cultural diversity. Materials at the Academy for Little Learners reflect a variety of races, disabilities, family make ups and creeds.