Academy for Little Learners

Common Forms

Here are many of our most commonly used forms:

1.  Intake for Children Under 2 Years  (Should be updated at least every 6 months)

2.  Child Health Report  (Needed every 6 months for children under 2, and every 2 years for children 2 and over)

3.  Day Care Immunization Record  (Should be updated every time new immunizations are given)

4.  Authorization to Administer Medication  (Used to authorize medication, sunscreen and diaper cream)

5.  Alternate Arrival Forms:

           Alternate Arrival Form – Between Buildings  (Allows students to move between our buildings)

          Alternate Arrival Form – School Agers (Allows students to be picked-up and dropped-off for school)

6.  Direct Payment Form  (Authorizes direct debit from your checking account for payment of tuition)