Academy for Little Learners


Academy for Little Learners is licensed to provide full time care for 15 infants beginning at age 6 weeks old. The child to teacher ratio will never exceed 4:1.

There are two separate infant rooms. One is dedicated to the care of non-crawling infants while the other is dedicated to infants capable of crawling.

Your infant will be cared for in an environment designed specifically for infants. Our infant rooms feature designated sleeping areas, cribs, pack and play, age appropriate toys and a separate play ground equipped specifically for children under two years old.

Our highly qualified staff has a passion for infant care and nurtures your child’s daily experiences with an eye to safety and growth.

Our curriculum includes many fun activities and focuses on the children’s development in:

  • Language and Communication (verbalizations, eye contact, response to sound, etc.)
  • Gross Motor (lifting one’s head up, rolling over, kicking feet, etc.)
  • Fine Motor (reaching for objects, grasping objects, etc.)
  • Social and Emotional Development (recognizes parents and caregivers, smiling, being calmed by soothing sounds, etc.)

Feedings and changings are recorded.
Lesson plans are developed and available for review each week.

Meet the Teachers

Ms. Faith
Ms. Alex