Academy for Little Learners


In our toddler room we provide quality care for up to 8 children ages 1 year to 1 1/2 years old. The child to teacher ratio never exceeds 4:1.

Our dedicated teachers teach toddlers word recognition, social skills and motor skills on an individual basis while nurturing an individual relationship with each child.

Academy for Little Learners provides a classroom environment designed and equipped for the express purpose of providing care for toddlers. Your children will enjoy outdoor activities in their own playground designed and equipped with age appropriate equipment.

Our curriculum includes many fun activities and focuses on the children’s development in:

  • Language and Literacy (communication, verbalization, imitation of words and sounds, etc.)
  • Gross Motor (runs, walks, kicks balls, etc.)
  • Fine Motor (practices nesting, picks up and hold small objects, etc.)
  • Social and Emotional Development (plays, interacts with peers, etc.)
  • Lesson plans are developed and available for review each week.

Feedings and diaper changes are recorded daily for parents.

Meet the Teachers

Ms. Ashley
Ms. Mary